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Swan Song

FOREWORD – This poem is symbolically based on the metaphor ‘Swan Song’. It refers to an artist’s final performance before his retirement or death. This poem is an attempt to make the people acknowledge the pain of a passionate artist who will perform for the last time until his departure.

Such melancholy news… the animal world has received
An assemblage of wildlife of the world, now bereaved
They encircle him; tears start to pour
Over a succumbing swan, once so adored.

He lay on the ground; silence was spreading
Sooner or later, he would cease breathing.
As his tears fell, it started to gleam
How handsome he was! How magnificent he had been!

God’s teardrops fell down as rain
Even His true feelings cannot be restrained.
Mother Nature broke into a storm
Even She fell into despair and forlorn.


The swan’s death seemed as if the whole world is dying,
As if everyone is hopeless and endlessly crying.
The world’s peace is now at stake
Deceit will arise and tranquility shall abate.

The swan wanted to leave something behind
So if anyone misses him, of him it shall remind.
Piercing yet melodic, he broke into a song
Then went off to heaven, where he truly belonged.

                                                                                                 - Projeeta Ghosh


The Letter

To myself, I write this letter,

Which is to be delivered, forty years later.

"I pray you're doing well;

So sit tight, this is a story I must tell.

I was given almost all I ever wanted,

Hence you must still be spoiled !

I've knowingly chased unachievable dreams;

Hope you remember your failuers alongside victories.

My hands are tainted with their blood and tears !

To your grave, you must carry, this curse and its fear.

Without a thought, I've sacrificed my dreams.

You say, if it was my maturity or just a whim ?

After all these years, I hope you're pretending to be happy;

Since all I yearned for is not peace but money.

So, have you taught them well ? Tell me this one truth.

Cause I'd never want them to choose what I went through !

When you read this again, don't brood over these regrets;

For, hiding my tears has always given me strength."

- Subhojit Samanta


-Yatharth Gupta