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The Gift 

My Rakhi is quite different from others, because each and every year, I tie my Rakhi on my sister's hand. So last year also I did the same. But after I tied the handmade Rakhi on her hand, she approached me with a box in her hand. It was a pink box and I could sense that something different, was within it. She said, " Open it, didi!", and handed over the box to me. I placed the box on the table and when I untied the ribbon, a furry tail waved in front of my eyes and a cute kitten with her adorable googly eyes peeped out from the box and jumped on my lap! I screamed with joy and thanked her repeatedly for this gift! My long-awaited wish got fulfilled through the hands of my sister on this special day.

Name: - Meghali Ganguly

When did my little brother grow up?


Its about 9 years ago, when I tied rakhi on my brother's wrist, he surprisingly gave me Oxford advance learner dictionary, he was too small to understand that what is my favorite & what is not still he knows, I love to read dictionary so he brought a dictionary for me with his pocket money, I was so emotional that day and it was my best memorable raksha bandhan I had ever in my life.

Name- Ushmi Dutta

Other participants

                    The Birthday Gift 

So I and my elder brother have always been very close and share a warm bonding with each other! I grew up learning a lot of stuff from him, it wouldn't be a lie if I say that he is my teacher. I remember him pampering me and making me laugh during my hard times which he still does. I remember playing those gully cricket with him and his friends and end up batting every time because of my obstinacy. But one of my fondest memory with him is when we used to hype up for our Maa's (mother) birthday. I remember stealing money from her bag and asking her for extra pocket money, which I still do, she would act as if didn't know what was happening but we knew that she knew ( this reminds me of F.R.I.E.N.D.S 's iconic line).
I and my brother would go to the market in the evening giving my mom an excuse of buying stuff for a school project, she caught us many times. We, as kids, were innocent of course and had no idea of giving her an appropriate gift and would end up gifting some stupid showpiece which had nothing to do with her yet she would accept it with such a warm smile as if we had gifted her some really expensive stuff or something like that and would pull us for a warm hug. Trust me that smile of her was and is the reason that I and my brother still exist. For me, my brother is nothing short of a superhero. From helping me in my homework to scolding me when I am wrong he indeed plays the role of brother pretty well! I am proud of him! And I love him! Thank you.

Name - Kuheli Dutta


   What Our Parents Will Never Know

My fondest Raksha Bandhan memory with my sister dates back to the time when we were kids. Our parents had left for some business and we had the house to ourselves. It was 9 at night when we decided to watch Bhool Bhulaiya on TV. No sooner did the film began than we started regretting it. My sister would get scared even at the slightest of noise and I would tease her by pretending that the ghost had possessed me. We spent the evening terrified: screaming, cursing, laughing and pretending to be braver than each other. And when the movie ended, it became my responsibility to escort my sister to the washroom. Nobody would dare to switch the lights off. We could not sleep so we just whispered "real" ghost stories to pass the night.

Years later, we still look back and laugh. We were cowards- the two of us. We still are. But we can be very brave when it comes to protecting each other.


Name: Manali Mazumdar

The Troublemakers.

My best memory of Raksha Bandhan was when me and my sister, Priya, sneaked off to visit the Marble Lake in Purulia. We were on a family trip last year and had planned to visit the Marble Lake that day. Our driver parked the car near a cliff that overlooked the lake. I and Priya wanted to go down too but our parents forbid us. So we planned to sneak off. As soon as they turned their backs on us, we both sprinted down the hill. The sun was overhead and the lake looked like it was made of glass, surrounded by shimmering marble rocks. It was a sight to behold. Our parents were shouting at us from the cliff overhead and we burst into a fit of giggles. We clicked pictures, even took off our shoes, dipped our toes in the water and started a pebble throwing competition, much to our parents' horror. We faced the consequences later. We both were getting scolded by our parents but that did not matter because I and my sister had each other's backs, and I am beyond glad that we went on this little adventure together.


Name: Mallika Maji

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