Our mission is to create a green surrounding, help people & government to achieve their goals to reduce waste, and award people under our program to boost their morale to keep the environment and our surroundings clean & green.

Educate | Motivate | Collect | Send to Recyclers | Reward & Appraise

We are on a mission to reduce waste and make life Garbage free

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How will you Submit Solids Waste (Paper & Plastics)

Segregate & store all plastics & Paper waste

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How will you Submit Organic Waste (Waste Food)

Segregate | store all organic waste

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No Spitting In Public Place

I will stop waste spreading

I Will Plant a Tree

Garbage Free Cities/surrounding
3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
Stop waste from spreading/dumping out on green fields

Municipal Solid Waste | Plastic Waste | Construction & Demolition waste

Source Segregation of Solid Waste

Collect | Transport | Treat | Scientifically Dispose of Solid waste

Proper Collection System

Stop Mountains of Garbage

Zero-Waste Communities

Swachh Bharat Mission

Voice of Dreamyflies

Voice of Dreamyflies