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A woman and another woman on a wheelchair

Registration Deadline:
12th October 2022, 11:59 PM

Registration Fee:

Team Size:
Individual Participation

Event Date
15th October 2022, 06:00 PM

(All age groups allowed)

All that you need to know about the Social Root Award Function

Many unsung heroes in our society go beyond any bounds to help others in need. These warriors exhibit a great example of how to make a positive difference in the world. These angels keep on doing good work for others, without expecting any word of gratitude or a reward. Right from cleaning their surroundings, to picking up the garbage to taking care of the sick, no job is menial for them. There is no boundation of gender or age group for such people. They work tirelessly, only to see the smiles on the faces of others. They are our heroes!
Such people are the soul of our society, the very essence of humanity and truly a blessing. To commemorate the devotion and contribution of such people to our society, Dreamyflies has introduced the Social roots of the society award. If you know someone who, in your opinion, has dedicated their life to the service of society and the environment, kindly send their details along with the list of contributions. Dreamyflies support the savers of humanity.

Rules of participation:

  • All participants need to fill out the registration form mentioned on this page

  • The last date of registration is 12th October 2022

  • Creative people, social workers, or anyone doing extraordinary work for humanity or the environment.

  • Minimum two or Maximum of three references details are required to justify the work.

Judging Criteria and Rewards:

On the basis of work, applicants will be awarded gift hampers and certificates.

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