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Registration Deadline:
17 August'2022, 12:00 AM

Registration Fee:

Team Size:
Individual Participation

Start Date / End Date
18 August'22, 03:00 PM

School / College Student

All that you need to know about Sining Competition

All the singers, it is time to pull up your socks as solo singing challenge is coming your way. You have the chance to exhibit your singing skills.

Format of the Competition:

  • The speech is intended to reveal a competitor’s ability to develop a point of view on a general topic and to deliver an impromptu speech within limited preparation time.

  • Each participant will be given 5 minutes to speak extempore on a topic picked up by him or her. 

  • A bunch of the topics will be given to select one randomly. 

  • He/she will be given 2 minutes prior to the speech to think over the topic.

  • Participation certificates will be given to all participants.

  • No registration fees.


  •  Time allotted for each performance is 2-3 minutes.

  •  Participants will not be allowed to refer to the lyrics while singing.

  • The participants will be judged on the song selection, voice quality, clarity, rhythm and their appeal to the audience.

  • The participants should bring their own musical instruments if required in the performance.

  • Choice of song is open to the participants but the song should not have any slangs or derogatory language.

Judging Criteria

  • Judges will be looking for clarity of thought, logical organization, sincerity and the effective use of plain English.

  • In the case of a tie, the winner will be decided by the panel of judges by mutual discussion.

  • Participants will be judged on the following criteria.

  • Approach/Departure

  • Appearance

  • Poise/Self-confidence

  • Voice projection/Inflection

  • Diction/Enunciation

  • Facial Expressions

  • Gestures

  • Eye Contact

  • Enthusiasm

  • Persuasiveness

  • Clear presentation of ideas

  • Worthwhile Message

Rewards and Prizes?

The winner will be given a trophy and a certificate.

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