FoodOgraphy:Food Photography Contest

We are on the hunt for the best Food photographs. Whether it’s a picture of your favourite dish Or anything – share it with us and you could win a great one.  The winning images will be featured in our web magazines. This event is purely to get you engaged... Send us your homemade food photos with the name...

The best presentation will be award with exclusive gifts and cash prices.

Give it a try! Make your boredom supercool by join with us!

We welcome you to the fun-filled event!



General Information :

Send your own photos to us in the mail with the ticket ( you will receive ) Do not use your watermark or apply effects, This competition is purely like based. A refund will not be issued once registered. Come on participate now! Win amazing gifts!

Quarantine Food Photography contest

Entry Fee ₹30/-

Rules and regulations :
1. Only own Photos
2. No Water Marks
3. No Full Edited Photos Allowed /Slight edits are allowed
4. Winners are based on likes and Purely on Judges decisions.
5. Any Auto likers will be disqualified
6. Disqualified if any violations of Rules
7. Must Follow us and Repost our contest image on your profile
8. Participants photos will be published in Belly Buddies Instagram & Facebook

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