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Important Dates

# Date of Starting

     8th May 2021

# Last Date of Submission

     02nd June 2021

Payment Link

Ideas are easy, Implementation is hard.

Reminding that almost 90% of population think of doing something in life, and the first thing they thought of is a START UP / VENTURE, which will secure their life in future.


But thing is that they think hard about it and how it would work and the plan it’s all in their head about that, but they never presented in front of others neither implemented the things to start it. The brains that have all of this implementations and ideas coming out from is like a coconut the outer shell is the one which we would not like and the inner copra are the ones we love. And this is the right moment to crack that outer shell and show us the inner copra and look at the results you get.




The contest is open for age group 13 to 35.

Contestants can either be individuals or small groups, but can only present one (1) Logo.

Rules & Regulation:
1.     The Logo must be original and not edited before.
2.    The Logo must be catchy, visual, and easy to reproduce on various communication supports.
3.    The logo should express the key concepts of the topic.
4.    The technique used can be free: drawing, painting, computer design, and photography, all adaptable to printing.
5.    Logo have to be presented in A4 and the dimension of the logo will be the maximum 15×15 cm, which does not imply that it should be a square shape.
6.    The logo may include all or some of the words “of your dream idea or concept you want implement”.
7.    The proposal will be accompanied by a brief explanation in English of the design and the main ideas represented (written down on a separate paper).
8.    Screenshot of the payment needs to be added with the mail.
9.    Payment is non-refundable except for exceptional cases.
10.   Any Submition received after the given deadline will not be considered for the competition

Judging criteria:

  1. Plagiarism of logo will lead to direct disqualification

  2. Each entry will go through a verification check to confirm the authenticity of the works.

  3. Participants should provide a .jpg and .png format of the logo.


All the entries will be posted for 48hours on our Instagram handles for fair voting:


Maximum liked post on Instagram.

  1. 60% weightage of judging criteria

  2. 20% weightage of public voting

  3. 10% plagiarism check by the Jury

  4. 10% weightage of the Jury (Event Core Team)


Originality will be appreciated

Public review in the form of comment will also be considered.

      Note: In case of any judgment issue Dreamyflies team decision is final.


Participation in this competition implies the acceptance of these terms, as well as the criteria and the judges’ final decision.


  1. The design of the presented logo must be unpublished and directly created for this competition.

  2. Publication of this Logo will not generate any retribution


  1. Dreamyflies is not responsible for lost, late, misdirected, incomplete, illegible, or otherwise unusable entries, including entries that are lost or unusable due to computer, internet, or electronic problems.

  2. DREAMYFLIES is not liable, for the purpose of winner and prize notification and delivery, in case the contest winner has provided incorrect, outdated, or otherwise invalid contact information.

  3. Note: In case of any judgment issue Dreamyflies team decision is final.

Entry / Submission Criteria:

Submissions shall be done exclusively ONLINE using this Portal.

The design should be presented in a PNG or JPG format


Follow the Dreamyflies Social Accounts


Send the logo on mail with these details:


       Full Name of Participant

       Mobile Number

       Date of Birth

       Address of the Participant

       E-mail ID


To mail us on: (Link provided) Mail ID:

Pay the entry fees by mentioning the name of participants in the payment form and send us a screenshot along with your entries.

For any Support:

Email Support:

Phone Support:  

                  +91- 8247722656 (Pranshu Shukla)

                            +91- 7999012901 (Anurag Singh)

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