Event Name : " CHAI aur SHAM "

When life becomes boring make tea and when mind becomes busy listen to music. 

We at Dreamyflies are organizing an event for all the new and the old generation musicians for a musical evening to refresh your mind and create a new world for music

 Rules and regulations : 

👉 An online registration for the event is to be done

Registration Link : https://forms.gle/7AQuyPB7jDCuY73s8

                            🎼🎼 Entry Free 🎼🎼

👉 Participants are free to sing either an Hindi or English song
👉 A maximum of 3 mins will be allotted for each participant 
👉 You can use any instrument you wish to add
👉 Music on mobile phones are unacceptable 
👉 Every person will be awarded with an e-certificate

 When souls speak words are not needed  to understand  and when music flows ears are not needed to listen🎼🎧🎤